Choosing Package Deals and Viewing Invoices


Read this article to find out how you can store your billing information and edit your plan. You can also add more features to your plan and view previous invoices and credit notes. The relevant settings can be found in the Plan & Billing section.

Navigate to Settings > Plan & Billing.



1. Select Your Company Size

Use the drop-down menu to select how many employees you will be managing in Personio.


2. Select Your Plan

Choose between the Essential, Professional and Enterprise plans. The price for each plan will depend on the number of employees you intend to manage. The chosen plan is flagged in blue and also shown in a blue box at the top of the page.



3. Select Your Recruiting Option

Next, select one of the available recruiting options and decide how many jobs you would like to publish at any given time.You can choose between the Recruiting Option Small, Recruiting Option Medium and Recruiting Option Large.



4. Select Add-ons

Optimize your Personio plan further with add-ons. You have a choice between Productivity Plus, Customization Plus and Automation Plus, and can combine different add-ons according to your specific needs. The Productivity Plus add-on also offers the ability to sign up for an unlimited monthly contingent of electronic signatures for employee documents and offers to candidates. Click here for further information on add-ons.



Billing Information

Billing Address

Be careful to enter all relevant data correctly here so that Personio will create correct invoices for you. Complete all fields and then click on Update to finalize.

Note that you don't need to enter country codes for VAT purposes; you only need to enter the VAT ID number. If you don't have a VAT ID number, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and contact us so that we can ensure you are invoiced correctly.



Payment Methods

Overview of available payment methods

SEPA direct debit system
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual payment
  • Payments for multiposting
Credit card
  • Monthly payment
  • Payments for multiposting
  • Annual payment

Payment by SEPA Direct Debit

For all monthly and yearly billing periods and/or the chargeable job ad function in Personio, you need to store a valid payment method in your account. We recommend SEPA direct debit as the default so you can automate your payments in Personio.

This avoids you needing to make time-consuming manual transfers or deal with repeated requests to authenticate credit card payments. Simply enter a name, a valid email address for invoices and the IBAN of the account to be debited. You also need to enter a billing address. Click on the checkbox to agree to the current Terms & Conditions and confirm that you are authorized to create a SEPA direct debit. Click on Save to finalize the process.

You will then receive a confirmation email at the email address you have previously entered. Two days before a direct debit is made to your account, you'll receive another email notification.

You can cancel your SEPA direct debit at any time. To do so, either click on the link in the confirmation email or go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and contact our Support team.


Monthly Credit Card Payment

Alternatively, you can store a valid credit card in your account for monthly payments. Click on the Credit card tab and enter your credit card data, then click on Save to finalize the process.

According to the EU Directive on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), banks may request credit card holders to provide dedicated authentication before completing online credit card transactions. If a payment process initiated by Personio needs to be authenticated, Personio provides for two different scenarios:

  1. If you are logged on to Personio at the time the transaction is initiated, Personio opens a relevant authentication dialogue where you can approve the payment immediately.
  2. If you are not logged on to Personio at the time the transaction is initiated, the system is unable to automatically debit your credit card for the invoice amount. In this case, the first payment attempt will fail, and Personio will then send a relevant email notification to the Email address for invoices stored in your account. This notification describes the reason for the error and provides a link where you can authenticate the payment directly.

For credit card payments it is essential that you store a current, valid Email address for invoices in the Billing address section.


Yearly Payment by Invoice

If you choose a yearly billing period but don't want to use SEPA direct debits, Personio can issue an invoice for the subscription fee. Chargeable publications of job openings will continue to be settled via credit card.

If you would like to switch to yearly billing, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and get in touch with us directly. For further information, please click here.


Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

The DPA forms the basis for the processing of personal data.
Click here for further information on the DPA.
This is also where you can find additional parts of the contract such as information on technical and organizational measures (TOM), subcontractors and persons authorized to issue instructions.



This section contains all invoices created by Personio for your monthly subscription fee (only for monthly payments) or for posting job ads. Here you can check your current payment status and authorize any outstanding payments by clicking on the Pay now button. Invoices for your monthly subscription fee are also emailed to you to the email address you have provided for billing purposes.



Credit Notes

Click on the Credit notes tab to view credit notes (if applicable) issued to you by Personio.





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