What is Honeypot?

Honeypot is Europe's developer job platform. After being prescreened for coding skills, new developer profiles become visible each Monday and stay visible for three weeks. Companies can search and filter for candidates by skills, location, and salary and directly contact those that fit their requirements. Honeypot's mission is to get every developer a great job.


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How are Personio and Honeypot integrated?

The integration enables recruiters to automatically upload candidates from Honeypot to Personio. As soon as a developer accepts your interview invite, they are automatically entered into your ATS, with the source “Honeypot”, together with the connecting message, the CV as a PDF, and a link to the candidate’s Honeypot profile.

The integration reduces manual effort for recruiters and hiring managers, streamlining workflow, allowing you to focus on candidate follow-up.


Which data is being synchronized between Personio and Honeypot?

The developer's profile is automatically entered into Personio from Honeypot, with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Application date
  • Channel (Honeypot)
  • Documents (CV as a PDF, also includes location, available from and expected salary)
  • Message (the connecting message sent on Honeypot including a link to the candidate’s Honeypot profile)


Which extra cost is incurred?

There is no extra charge for the integration.

  • Personio: The integration is available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.
  • Honeypot: Prices for Honeypot are commission based for hired employees. 


How do I set up the integration?

Sign in to Honeypot and navigate to your profile on the top right of the header. Click “Company Profile”. From the menu, select “Connect to ATS”. You can see Personio in our list of integrations.  


To integrate, there are four simple fields to fill in. Below you can follow where to retrieve the information for these fields:

  • Recruiting API Access Token: Personio > Settings > API. Copy the token and paste it into the first field of our form.
  • Company ID:  Personio > Settings > API. Copy and paste the 4-digit number into the second field of our form.




  • Account Name: This is the name which appears in your Personio customer url  e.g. https://mycompany.personio.de.

  • Channel ID: The channel first has to be created. Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels. You should now create a channel for Honeypot. When you click on the newly created channel you can see an associated ID. Copy the ID into this box. If the channel has already been created, you can just copy the ID directly.




  • Once all the fields have been filled in, click on the “Connect” button and you are done!


How do I send a developer's profile to Personio?

Once an interview was accepted in Honeypot, you get the chance to choose which job position to link this profile to in Personio.

Who may I contact regarding questions about Honeypot?

More Information on Honeypot can be found in their FAQs or directly on partners@honeypot.io.

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