Creating Job Offers for Applicants


This article explains, how to create job offers for applicants based on your individual contract templates. Using this feature will save you a lot of work and time, as all applicant data collected during the application process can be transferred to the template automatically via placeholders.


Configuring Contract Templates

To create a contract template, you need a text processing program. Personio supports templates created in MS Word (.docx/.dotx) or OpenOffice (.dt/.ott).

Store the templates you want to use for creating contract documents for applicants within the document category Work Contracts under Settings > Documents > Templates.

Four different components are available when creating document templates:

  • Placeholders - e.g. {{last_name}}: Add placeholders to automatically pull data from the applicant profile into the document template when creating a job offer. Placeholders that don't match a specific applicant attribute can manually be filled in with free text.
  • Gender variables - e.g. ||Mr|Mrs||: If the gender of your applicants is stored in Personio, you can add gender-specific distinctions in document templates.
  • Date variables - e.g. {{document_date|l, dS F Y}}If your template contains a date, you can choose between different formats. For example, the date "20.07.2018" can be converted to "Friday, 20th July 2018".
  • Text selection blocks: You can use text selection blocks to store several text blocks you can later choose from. This feature can be used, for example, to take various contract conditions into account.


Detailed information on creating placeholders can be found here.

The next step after creating your contract templates is to store them in your Personio account. Navigate to Settings > Documents > Add Template, select the document category Work Contracts and choose the corresponding language to display dates in either English or German. After naming the template, upload your MS Word or OpenOffice document.


Creating offers

Within each applicant profile, you will find a tab named Offer. Within this section, you can manage offers and create contract documents based on templates.

Firstly, click Create new offer.

Each offer can pass through five statuses:

  • Open: The offer has been prepared, but not yet confirmed by the internal responsible person (e.g. managing director).
  • Confirmed: The internal responsible person has confirmed the offer.
  • Sent: The offer was forwarded to the applicant.
  • Accepted: The applicant has accepted the offer. This status triggers the creation of a new employee profile within your Personio account. All information stored within the Offer tab as well as all documents are automatically transferred to the new profile. Furthermore, the employee profile remains connected to the applicant profile via a corresponding link.
  • Rejected: The applicant has rejected the offer. Subsequently, you have the option of creating a new offer. In case no agreement is reached, change the application status to Reject.

Secondly, decide whether you want to create a contract document:

  • Don't create a contract from offer: If required, enter the expected date of employment and the planned fixed salary. You can also add any number of additional employee attributes. Once the applicant has accepted the offer, this information is automatically transferred to the linked employee profile.
  • Create a contract: Choose a template you uploaded to Personio earlier to create an applicant specific contract document.
    Complement missing data if necessary. Click Preview contract document to view the individualized contract. Finally, you have the option to directly send the offer to the potential new employee via email. The offer status changes to Sent after completing this step, no matter if you really sent or simply saved the offer.


Depending on the configuration of the access rights, the generated document can be accessed anytime within the applicant profile's Offer tab.

You can also accept a candidate without a prior offer. To do so, navigate to the Offer tab, directly click on Accept applicant and enter all relevant information. Click Submit and Personio automatically creates a new employee profile in your account.


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