Best Practice: Evaluation Forms


In this article, we will show you a number of common templates for evaluation forms. For optimal implementation of your recruiting process with Personio, it is advised that you set up your evaluation forms to reflect your recruiting phases and interview types. This will allow you to ideally adapt your multi-phase recruiting process to the feedback being provided.

To learn how to create an evaluation form in Personio, please click here.

Please note that all evaluation forms are standardized to include a Key Takeaways section, which provides a summary of the key points covered in the assessment.



In a Telephone Interview / Screening, the applicant’s professional qualifications and personal profile will usually be assessed.



Personal Interview (Tech)

In a Personal Interview, information from the Telephone Interview may be re-visited and, depending upon the technical area, expanded upon or adapted.


Peer Interview

Once applicants have made a positive impression for a position on the basis of their qualifications and personalities, it is important to also assess whether they will fit in well with both the team and the corporate culture. A Peer Interview conducted by team colleagues on the same hierarchical level, among others, is useful for this purpose.


Information on the calculation of results in evaluation forms can be found here

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