Best practice: Candidate evaluation forms

In this article, we introduce a few evaluation forms that have proven useful. To implement your application process in Personio as effectively as possible, we recommend creating the evaluation forms at the same time as the phases and interview types. This allows you to adapt your multistage candidate process to the corresponding feedback in the best possible way.

Read our article on how to create evaluation forms to learn more about this topic.

The sections Key Takeaways and Overall Recommendation are by default added to each evaluation form to summarize the evaluation.


Phone interview

During the phone interview/screening, check the candidates' professional knowledge and evaluate their personality.

Section title Item title Method
Professional knowledge How much professional experience does the applicant have? Scale
  Overall impression of the candidate’s professional knowledge Textfield
Personality What is my first impression of the candidate? Textfield
  How do I rate the candidate’s leadership skills? Scale
  Does the candidate fit well into the existing team? Textfield


In-person interview

Evaluate the candidate's key qualifications during the in-person interview.

Section title Item title Method
Key qualification How do I rate the key qualifications of the candidate? Sub-section title
  How do I rate the candidate’s flexibility? Scale
  How do I rate the candidate’s motivation? Scale
  How do I rate the ability to work independently? Scale

You can use separate evaluation forms to find out about the specific knowledge they have about the relevant specialist fields.


Peer interview

If the candidate impresses on both a professional and a personal level, the next step is to check to make sure they will be a good fit for the team with a Peer interview. This gives team members the chance to get to know the candidate.

Section title Item title Method
Team fit How well does the candidate fit into the team? Sub-section title
  How do I rate the overall team fit of the candidate? Scale
  I can imagine long-term and successful cooperation with the candidate Scale
Feedback culture How do I perceive the feedback culture of the candidate? Sub-section title
  How does the candidate deal with giving and receiving feedback? Textfield
  Further comments on the candidate’s feedback culture Textfield

You can read our article on how results in the evaluation forms are calculated for additional information.




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