Adding Employees


This article describes how you can create new employees in Personio, and explains the four steps involved in the process.

To create a new employee navigate to the employee list and click on the button Add employee in the upper right corner.



1. Public Profile

First enter the new employee’s first and last name. These two fields are mandatory in order to proceed to the second step. Under gender you have the option to distinguish between Male, Female, Diverse and Undefined, or to leave the field completely blank.

You can also store an email address, a sub-company, if applicable, an office, department and position for the new employee.

Next, Personio gives you the option of having a Personio login and invitation email sent to the new employee. Click on Next to move to Step 2.



2. HR Information

In this step, you can add important personal information about your new employee. Enter the hire date, the duration of the probation period or the contract end date, employment type, supervisor, weekly hours and cost center.

Based on the department selected in the first step, the weekly hours are stored relative to 100%. For more information about weekly hours, click here.

If you have selected more than one cost centre, please enter the percentages of the employee’s working time allocated to each.

Click on Next to move to Step 3.



3. Employee roles

In the third step, click on all employee role(s) which you would like to assign to the new employee.

Please note that new employees are assigned the {}All employees{} role by default. However, you do have the option to assign additional roles to employees.

Click on Next to move to Step 4.



4. Templates

In step 4, you select the onboarding template*, working hour schedule (including its validity date), and the accrual policy for the new employee.

Note that new employees are automatically assigned the default working hour schedule unless you select a different schedule. For more information about working hour schedules, click here.

Click on Save to add the new employee.


* The {}Onboarding{} section is only available with the Professional and higher plans.


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