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The following article lists additional system reports available in Personio. We recommend that you use the custom reports function if you need additional, customized analyses. 


Salary Report

The salary report shows your employees’ main salaries (fixed salary or hourly wages) and recurring compensation during the selected period as a bar or line chart, as well as in a table with absolute figures. Hourly wages are shown as totals based on the confirmed attendances per payroll period. The report takes any increase in fixed salaries or hourly wages during the current month into account from the time the change becomes effective. Please note that one-time compensation and bonuses are not included in the salary report.


Missing Data

This system report shows all employees whose employee attributes are still incomplete. The report clearly indicates which attributes still need to be completed for which employee. Attributes for which no employee has entered values are disregarded in this report.


Absence Rate

The absence rate (without decimal places) is calculated based on the overlap between the work schedule and the days on which a particular absence type applied. You can calculate the absence rate for a period and absence type of your choice.


Absence Distribution 

This system report shows the distribution of the selected absence type (e.g. Paid vacation) across the different days of the week for the past six months. The result is shown as a percentage without decimal places.


Employee Turnover

The employee turnover system report shows your employees' monthly fluctuation (employees who have left/average number of active employees). You can filter this report by reason for leaving and group it by different parameters, e.g. Position. The report is displayed as a line chart and in percentages (without decimal places).


Attendance Periods

This system report lists all your employees’ confirmed attendance periods, as well as break and project times, within the period defined by you. The Status column indicates whether the attendance periods have already been approved or if their approval is still pending. You can customize the report time frame.



This system report shows the number of candidates who have submitted applications to your company. You can select the period the report should cover and group results by Recruiting category, Position, Department, Office, Recruiting channel or Subcompany. The report is displayed as a bar chart and in absolute figures.


Candidate Rejection

This report provides an overview of how many candidates declined to continue with their application/were rejected during the specified period and shows the application process phase they were in at this point. The report differentiates between Declined and Rejected applications. Declined means that the candidate withdrew and is no longer interested in the position, whereas Rejected means that your company rejected the candidate, perhaps because they were not suitable for the position.


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