Additional System Reports

The following contains a list of all additional system reports available in Personio.  


Salary Report

The salary report shows a list of all of your employees’ salaries in the selected period as a bar or line chart as well as in a table with absolute numbers. Hourly wages are shown as totals based on the confirmed attendances per payroll period. The report takes any increases in fixed salaries or hourly wages in the current month into account from the time the change becomes effective. The salary report includes the components main salary and additional compensation.


Missing Data

This report shows all employees whose employee attributes are still incomplete. The report clearly indicates which attributes still need to be completed for which employee. Attributes for which no employee has entered values are disregarded in this report.


Absence Rate

The absence rate (without decimal places) is calculated from the intersection between the working hour schedule and the days on which a particular absence type applied. The absence rate can be calculated for periods and absence types defined by you.


Absence Distribution

This report shows the distribution of the selected absence type (e.g. Paid vacation) across the different days of the week for the past six months. The result is shown as a percentage without decimal places.


Employee Turnover

The employee turnover report shows the monthly fluctuation among your employees (employees who have left/average number of all active employees). This report can be filtered by reasons for termination/resignation and grouped by different parameters, e.g. Position. The report is displayed as a line chart and in percentages (without decimal places).


Attendance Periods

This report lists all of your employees’ confirmed attendance periods within the period defined by you. Unconfirmed attendances are not taken into account for this report. You can customize the timeframe for the attendance periods report.




This report shows the number of persons who have submitted applications to your company. You can select the period for which you wish to generate the report, and group results by Recruiting category, Position, Department, Office, Recruiting channel or Sub-company. The report is displayed as a bar chart and in absolute numbers.



Applicant Rejections

This report provides an overview of how many applicants declined/were rejected during the specified period, and shows the phase of the application process applicants were in when they declined or were rejected. The report distinguishes between declined and rejected applications. Declined means that the applicant withdrew and is no longer interested, whereas rejected means that your company rejected the applicant, perhaps because they were not suitable for a position.


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