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The following article explains the different options for configuring system reports in Personio in line with your individual needs.

Click here to find out how to create Custom Reports in Personio.



You can define the period under review. Depending on the particular report you wish to generate, the period is defined either by date, month and year, or by month and year only.



There are several options for grouping your data. You can group the results based on one or two attributes of the List of options type, for example by Department or Department/Office. Alternatively, you can group data by user-defined attributes of the List of options type. Select the group Employees to have data displayed separately for each employee.



You can combine any number of attribute filters to narrow down your selection.

  • For attributes of the Text field type, such as First name, you can set the filter to equals or does not equal.
  • For attributes of the List of options or Tags types, such as Department or Absence type, you can additionally select the options one of or not one of.
  • For attributes of the Number type, such as Weekly working hours, the available filter options are lower than, greater than, lower than or equal to, greater than or equal to, equals, does not equal. Use the third input field to specify a number.
  • For attributes of the Date type, e.g. Hire date, the only available filter options are lower than, greater than, lower than or equal to, or greater than or equal to. Use the third input field to specify a date.


To remove an unwanted filter, click on the lower-case x next to it.

Once you have finished configuring your system report, click on Apply to generate your results.

The URL in your browser adapts dynamically, based on your filter settings. You can use that URL to call up the report again with the same filter settings and save it as a bookmark. 


Actions Button

If you wish, you can export your system report as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx). To do so, click on the Actions button in the upper right corner of the window and select Export.

You can also use the Actions button at any time to update existing system reports with the latest data. Depending on the size of your data set, Personio will need between 5 and 10 minutes to load all data and refresh the full report. 



Some system reports come with two additional options:

Chart Type

Choose between a bar chart or line chart. You do not need to save the chart type, as this setting is applied immediately after selection.


Show Legend

Use this option to have a legend displayed directly below the chart.

Click here for an overview and explanation of all system reports available in Personio.


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