The Performance Tab


The Performance tab in the employee profile will be discontinued on the 1st of January 2023 for all users without the Performance & Development package. We are currently revamping our Goals, Feedback, Notes and Performance meetings functionalities. They'll be rolled out under the Performance & Development area in the upcoming months.

This article provides an overview of the Performance tab. 


Performance Tab

You can access this tab by going to an employee's profile and clicking on the tab Performance. The Performance Overview section comprises four main sections: Feedback, Upcoming performance meetings, Goal and Performance notes.



1. Feedback

In this section, you can access all of your feedback drafts and all the feedback published for the employee. The drafts are only visible to the person who created them, whether they are supervisors or the employees themselves. For more information on performance feedback, see Performance Feedback.

To create feedback for an employee or for employees to use the feedback section for self-reviews, an Edit right is needed for the Performance data. To be able to upload a document when creating a performance feedback form, an employee must be assigned the Proposal right via Settings > People > Employee Roles > Access Rights > Documents > Performance. For more information on access rights, see Access Rights in Detail.


2. Upcoming Performance Meetings

In this section, you can access an overview of upcoming meetings or click on Schedule meeting to create a new meeting. For more information on how to set up and manage performance meetings, see Create and Manage Performance Meetings.


3. Goal

In this section, you can access an overview of the goals that have been set or click on Create new goal to enter a new goal for the employee. For more information on how to define and manage goal agreements, see Best Practices: Define and Manage Goals.


4. Performance Notes

In this section, you can add comments about the employee's development that are not visible to the employee. For more information on how to create Performance notes, see Performance Notes.



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