Basic Performance Configurations


This article explains some basic settings for allocating bonus salaries and how to create feedback categories and associated attributes.


General Performance Settings

Navigate to Settings > Performance > General > General performance settings > Edit in your account configuration and choose the interval for paying performance-based bonus salaries. These can be activated in combination with target agreements. The following options are available:

  • End of period
  • After period
  • Distribute evenly over period



Configuring Feedback Categories

You can customize the information to be recorded during feedback meetings to ensure that these meetings correspond to your company’s specific needs.

Navigate to Settings > Performance > Feedback categories in your account configuration and click on the field Add new category... to add any number of feedback categories.



Defining Feedback Attributes

In the next step, please assign attributes to the various feedback categories. Click on Add attribute and enter the new attribute name. Use the drag & drop icons to modify the sequence in which the attributes are shown. If you define an attribute as required, it must be completed when feedback is provided. Click on Save changes to finalise the process.


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