Configuring Departments and Teams


This article explains how to reflect your company’s departments and teams in Personio.

Personio generally saves automatically the employee attribute Department during the import of employee data. However, it is useful to check this information and complete it as required.


Configuring Departments

Navigate to Settings > Departments and Teams > New Department and add as many departments as you like.



To the right of the department name, you’ll see the number of active employees working in the respective department. Provided a department does not contain any active or inactive employees, you can click on the small recycle bin icon to the right to delete it.

Click on Edit to be able to make the following changes:

  • Department name:
    This is where you can rename the department.
  • Weekly hours:
    This is where you can store the weekly working hours for the department. Part-time employees’ prorated salaries are calculated from the ratio between an employee’s weekly working hours and the weekly hours defined for their department. 40 hours per week are set per default.


Configuring Teams

The Teams tab gives you an additional option for grouping employees to map complex organizational structures in Personio. First, create all of the teams you require. In a second step, assign these teams to the corresponding employees.


The number shown to the right of the team name again indicates the number of active employees currently assigned to the team. Provided a team does not contain any active or inactive employees, you can delete the team by clicking on the small recycle bin icon to the right.

The organizational unit Team offers the following application options:


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