Configuring Offices


This article describes how you can enter details of all your company's offices. Assign a currency, timezone, address, and the corresponding public holiday calendar to each office.

Generally, the employee attribute Office is automatically created by the import of employee data into Personio. Nevertheless, it may be useful to check this information and add to it later.


Configuring Offices

Navigate to Settings > Offices > New office and add as many offices as you need using the plus symbol.


To the right of an office, you can see the number of active employees who are based there. If there are no active or inactive employees in an office, it can be deleted via the small recycle bin on the right.

Navigate to Edit to make the following changes:

  • Office name: Change the office name here.
  • Currency: Enter the currency for your office here. Currencies are shown in employee profiles under salary and in payroll.
  • Timezone: Enter the timezone for your office here. Timezones are significant for import processes and for sending email reminders from Personio.
  • Address: If you would like to use our multiposting functionality, please enter the corresponding address of the regarding office here. This is important for job portals. You can find further information about multiposting here.
  • Public holidays: If the office's public holiday calendar differs from the company's public holiday calendar, please enter the desired calendar here. The correct and complete setup of the public holiday calendar has a significant effect on the calculation of the absence balance. If you define a day as a public holiday in Personio, it is not calculated as an absence for the employee if they request an absence for that day.


An Example of the Role of Public Holiday Calendars

Some companies have an internal rule that allows employees to only work half days on December 24 and 31, in addition to the public holidays. These half days must be entered into Personio in your individual public holiday calendar. If an employee submits a leave request for 24.12. to 03.01., this will be calculated as only 4.5 vacation days, as shown in the example, since the days shown in green are not counted, or are only counted as half days.


If your company has multiple offices in different states, a separate public holiday calendar can be configured and assigned for each office.




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