Step 4: Configuring the Preliminary Payroll


Personio supports your monthly preliminary payroll accounting. The payroll section in Personio allows you to create an export file in Excel format. You can control the information to be contained in the payroll export, and you are able to define various payroll groups for which the preliminary payroll should be performed separately. You should define some basic configurations in the Settings before using the payroll function.

General Settings

To configure the general preliminary payroll settings, go to Settings > PAYROLL > Salary & Payroll > General



Select all the attributes you will need for your payroll export. Click here for an overview of the available payroll attributes. Use our best-practice examples as a helpful guide.

You have the option of having Personnel and Salary data output to two separate worksheets for easier reading. For a list of the data that will be shown in the Salaries worksheet, please click here.

Add all the Absence types you require. These will be shown in a separate worksheet called Absences. This worksheet takes into account all absence periods during the payroll period.

Also define whether any prorated salary calculation at the beginning of an employment contract or in the case of mid-month terminations should be based on a 30-day month or on all days of the month by default.


Specify on which day of the month employees with administrator rights should receive a task to review payroll information in the Tasks widget on the Dashboard and in the Inbox

Payroll groups

Personio allows you to save various Payroll groups that you can use to create separate payroll exports. Payroll groups can be created on the basis of any attribute in the List of options.


Configure the Payroll Periods

Go to Settings > PAYROLL > Salary & Payroll > Payroll periods to define the payroll periods for the selected payroll groups.

The payroll periods define the time periods over which the hours worked and absence days are added up if these have been included as export attributes.



Create the Payroll Export

The main menu under Payroll provides an overview of the monthly payroll. In the preview of the payroll export, you can switch between the worksheets Personal data, Absences and Salaries. The payrolls of different sub-companies are always listed separately. Above the preview, you can also select the required Payroll group.

All employees for whom profile data has changed or is missing for the period since the last payroll was approved move to the preview at the top of the spreadsheet. The rows are highlighted in orange and the changed attribute values have an additional color coding. A corresponding note at the beginning of the row indicates new hires. All changes, new hires or terminations are also color coded in your export file.

If you click on a change, or anywhere in an orange-highlighted row, a slide-in appears from the right with more context on the data that has changed. This saves you having to navigate to the corresponding employee profile to review the changed data. The following information is provided in the pop-up:

  • A list of all updated attributes per employee
  • The old and the new value
  • Date from which the new value applies
  • Date the change was made


To create the payroll export in Excel format, choose Generate export. When you click on Download, Personio creates an Excel file containing the payroll preview for the current month that can then be further processed.


After the payroll has been approved, no further changes will be accepted. The payroll export therefore only takes into account absence periods up to the payroll closing date.

The overview section provides you with an overview of all payroll groups and sub-companies, as well as their current payroll status and the payroll period. For an explanation of the various payroll statuses, please click here.





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