Step 4: Configure Preparatory Payroll


Personio supports your monthly payroll runs by assisting your preparatory payroll. The payroll function in Personio allows you to generate an Excel spreadsheet for export, which can be emailed directly from Personio to your accountant, if required. You can control the information to be contained in the payroll accounting export, and you are able to define various accounting groups for which payroll accounting should be performed separately. You should first make some basic settings in your account configuration before using the payroll function.


General settings

Click on Settings > Salary & Payroll > General to define the day of each month on which the responsible employees with access to payroll are to be sent a message (Personal settings > Notifications > Payroll) to remind them to review and finalize preparatory payroll.


Store all email addresses to which you wish to send the payroll file once it has been finalized. The list of email addresses can be adjusted manually each time before the file is sent.


You have the option of having Personnel data and Salary data output to two separate worksheets for easier reading.


Select all attributes needed for exporting your payroll accounts file.


Select all absence types you require. These will be shown in a separate Absence periods worksheet. This worksheet takes into account all absence periods during the billing period.


Also define whether any prorate calculation of salaries at the beginning of an employment contract or in case of mid-month terminations should be based on a 30-day month or on all days of the month by default.



Configure accounting groups and billing periods

Personio allows you to store various accounting groups, for which separate payroll exports are created. Click on Settings > Salary & Payroll > Accounting groups to define the criteria according to which you wish to create accounting groups. Accounting groups can be created by any pick list type attributes.

You can also define the billing period for your payroll accounts here. Different billing periods can be defined for different accounting groups.

Please note: The billing period defines the period over which the hours worked and absence days are added up if these are defined as export attributes.



Generate the payroll export

The main menu under Payroll gives you an overview of the monthly payroll. The preview of the payroll export shows Personnel data, Absence periods and, if exported separately, Salary data on different worksheets for easy switching between these options. Payrolls of different companies are always listed separately. The preview also allows you to select specific accounting groups.

Any changes that have occurred since the last payroll date are highlighted in yellow in the preview and exported file.


Click on Generate now to export the payroll to an Excel workbook. Click on Close payroll to finalize the payroll run for the current month and email it to the email addresses stored in the account configuration.


Please note: No changes can be made once the payroll run has been finalized, and absence periods are therefore only shown in the payroll export until the day the payroll run is finalized.

The information area provides an overview of the current payroll status, the accounting period and the date from which any changes are marked.



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