Configuring Accounting Groups and Pay Periods


This article describes how to create a clear preview of your payroll by defining accounting groups and pay periods.

Go to Settings > Salary & PayrollAccounting Groups to define the accounting groups and periods that are relevant for your company's preparatory payroll accounting.


Define Accounting Groups

First select the criterion you would like to use to create the accounting groups. Accounting groups can be created on the basis of any attribute of the type list of options. If you have not yet created any attributes of this type so far, you will be unable to create accounting groups.



Define Pay Periods

You are then able to define pay periods for the respective accounting groups. Navigate to the relevant accounting group and click on Add pay period. Enter the required pay period and the date it should apply from. Click on Add to complete this process.


The pay period defines the time frame over which the attendance hours and leave days are added up, if these are defined as export attributes.

Hint: We recommend that you create an additional attribute of the type text field type and name it “Notes for the payroll department”; this will allow customized comments to be sent to your payroll department relating to individual employees. You can then edit this attribute as needed when preparing your payroll accounts.


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