General configuration of preliminary payroll


First define all basic settings, including all relevant payroll attributes. Navigate to Settings > Salary & Payroll to do so.


General Configuration 



Attributes in the personal data sheet

Select all attributes needed for exporting your payroll accounts file here. Take a look at the linked articles to find out more about all available payroll accounting attributes and proven best practice.


Please note: Paychex customers do not need to select any attributes, as the required attributes are automatically integrated in Personio.


List salary data separately

You have the option of having Personnel data and Salary data output to two separate worksheets for easier reading. See this article to find out which data is shown in the Salary data worksheet.


Add absence type

Select the absence types you require. These will be shown in a separate Absence periods worksheet. The required absence periods are shown here. For further information, please click here.



Prorated salary calculation

Define the basis on which the prorated fixed salaries should be calculated. Choose between a calculation based on 30 days or based on the actual number of days in the month. For more information about the proportional salary calculation and its effects, see this article. 



Specify on which day of the month employees with at least viewing rights on payroll should receive a reminder (Personal settings > Notifications > Payroll review) that the preliminary payroll is ready for review.


Payroll Groups

Personio allows you to save various Payroll groups that you can use to create separate payroll exports. Payroll groups can be created on the basis of any attribute in the List of options.


Configuring the Payroll Periods

Go to Settings > Salary & Payroll > Payroll periods to define a suiting payroll period for each payroll group. This way you define the time periods over which the hours worked and absence days are added up if these have been included as export attributes.

For further information on the configuration of accounting groups and payroll periods, please click here.


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