Publish Job Openings

Once you have created a job opening, you have two options for publishing it straight from Personio:

1. Publish via the Personio career page

Navigate to the position overview (Recruiting > Job openings) and click on Publish to post a job opening on your Personio career page. 


Alternatively, navigate to the pencil symbol, click Edit and activate the checkbox next to the option Publish. Once you save this setting, the job opening is published on your Personio career page. Bildschirmfoto_2017-11-03_um_10.03.41.png

The Professional Plan of Personio comprises the provision of an XML interface. If this option is activated under Settings > Recruiting > General, job openings with the status Published can also be accessed via XML feed.


2. Publish via an external recruiting channel

Click on Post on job portals in the detailed job opening view to access a comprehensive list of external jobs portals. 



Activate the check boxes for all portals that you wish to publish the opening to and click on Next. Review your selection and finalize the booking by clicking on Place order.

Store your credit card information in your account under Settings > Plan and billing so that any costs can be easily settled via Personio.

If you wish to publish a job opening to the external jobs portals accessible via Personio while integrating your company’s careers page, complete the required fields URL to your job openings and URL to your application form in the detail view of your jobs opening. 


This is the URL for the job opening/application form on your company’s careers page. The URLs entered allow communication between Personio, your company’s careers page and the relevant other jobs portals. 

If you have already made master contracts with certain jobs portals, please contact us via Your contracts are filed in Personio and costs will be adjusted accordingly.

Track external recruiting channels with manually published job ads

If you publish job openings manually via external channels, Personio allows you to document any applications received via the relevant channels assumed that you have tracked your channels under Settings > Recruiting > Channels

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