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This article explains how you can publish positions quickly and easily on your Personio career page, advertise them on external job boards and use tracking links for external recruiting channels. 


Publishing on the Personio Career Page

To publish a position on a Personio career page, go to Recruiting > Positions > View position details in the relevant position, and click on Publish. The position will then be immediately published on your Personio career page.

Note that only published positions can be retrieved via the XML-feed.


Publishing on External Job Boards Using the Promote Feature

If you would like to advertise a position on external job boards via Personio (using the Promote function), navigate either to Recruiting > Positions and click on the Promote button, or go to Recruiting > Positions > View position details and click on the Promotion tab in the detail view of a position.

In the My postings section, you have an overview of postings already made on external job boards, and you can also add new postings here. Click on Promote to see an overview of all available job boards and start the posting. For detailed information about promoting positions, please refer to this article.


After clicking on the Promote button, you are taken to the overview page showing external job boards. You can follow these steps to proceed with the promotion of your position:

  1. Select all job boards where you would like to promote your position.
  2. Click on Next
  3. Use the preview window to review the contents to be transmitted to the job board by Personio. Depending on the type of ad you select, the job portal may adapt the design of the posting to its own website layout or use the design shown in the preview.
  4. Click on Proceed to checkout to review your order
  5. Finalize it by clicking on Place order.

Click here for an overview of all job boards available via Personio.


Ensure that your payment information is stored in your account under Settings> Plan & Billing > Billing information so that publication costs can be settled via Personio. You'll also find all of your invoices here for download.

If you already have individual master contracts in place with any job boards, these can be stored directly in Personio. Personio will then not calculate any further charges for the respective job board. The billing for the postings occurs between you and the board. See this article for further information on storing master contracts.


Using Tracking Links for External Recruiting Channels

If you advertise a position on an external job board outside of Personio (without using Personio's Promote feature), you can store a tracking link for the position you have created in Personio with the respective portal provider. The tracking links for the position are stored in your account under Recruiting > Positions > View position details > Promotion > Tracking links.


If you want to create a tracking link for a new channel, you need to add the channel first in Settings > Recruiting > Channels.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to set up new recruiting channels and use tracking links, have a look at this article.


Channel Performance

You can see which channel is most effective for your postings by looking at the Position details of each positions in the Channel performance section and in Applications.


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