The Application Process in Personio

This article informs you about the functions available for processing applications in Personio so that you can manage applications efficiently and transparently from the date they are received until candidates are either employed or rejected. 

Progress applicants from one phase to the next

It is best to progress applicants continuously to the current phase of their application process to ensure that you always have a clear overview of the current status of all applications. This allows you, for example, to access the job openings for an immediate overview of how many applicants are currently in the Interview phase. Use the Overview tab in the various applicant profiles to access information on the full application process through to the current date. To find out how to configure and manage recruiting phases in Personio, please click here.


Schedule interviews

Create and manage interview appointments via the Interviews tab in an applicant’s profile. You can select all employees who should take part in an interview directly from this tab and assign them appropriate recruitment roles. Calendar invitations to interview appointments with the status Scheduled can optionally be sent to all participants within the company. If evaluation sheets are linked to an interview appointment, Personio additionally sends a relevant email request for feedback on the date of the interview. Please note that no automatic invitation is sent to the applicant by Personio; you rather need to invite the applicant separately. To find out how to create and schedule interviews in Personio, please click here.


Use evaluation sheets, which can be configured individually, to ensure that applicants are compared objectively. These sheets serve to assess applicants’ relevant abilities or characteristics on five-point scales. Each evaluation sheet additionally contains a brief summary (Key takeaways) and a Final recommendation area by default. In the latter, the evaluating employee has a choice of three options: continue, neutral, reject. All evaluation sheets submitted are accessible via the Evaluations tab. Personio additionally provides an overall result averaged from all evaluations received to date. To find out how to create and use evaluation sheets in Personio, please click here


Messages history

Click on the Messages tab to access all previous correspondence with the applicant. Either choose a previously created email template or create an email from scratch to write a message to the applicant. You can additionally schedule a time and date for the message to be sent later. To find out how to store predefined messages that can be used analogous to your recruitment phases, please click here.

Collect and mark up feedback

Involve your colleagues in the process of selecting applicants by using the Request review button. Select an employee, assign them an appropriate recruitment role and decide whether the employee should only provide a feedback comment or should also submit an evaluation sheet.

Use mark-ups to draw attention to important information about an applicant at a glance.


Create an offer

Create offers of employment directly in Personio by first storing a relevant document template in the employment contracts category. Click on the Offer tab in the applicant profile, select the previously created template and add additional data as required, for example a fixed salary. Review your job offer and email it straight to the potential new employee.


Accept applicant

Once you have come to an agreement with an applicant, you can create them directly as a new employee in Personio. To do so, click on Accept applicant. All data stored under the Offer tab as well as any documents (Professional and higher packages only) are automatically filed under the new employee. Next, assign an onboarding template to the new employee to automate their onboarding process. To find out how to create and assign onboarding templates, please click here

 Rejected / Declined

Use the Reject function if an applicant is not suitable for a position or for your company. Choose whether you wish to mark the applicant as Rejected or whether the applicant does not wish to participate in the process any longer and therefore Declines. If you have activated automatic deletion of applicant data, the deletion period starts at the time the application is declined.

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