Creating New Positions


This article explains how to create a new job position that you can then publish on the Personio Career page or promote via the Promote feature.


What is a Position?

In the Personio recruiting section, the term position refers to:

  • a vacancy,
  • a vacancy description and vacancy description translations,
  • a vacancy advertisement, either on the Personio career page or on external job boards, and
  • the management of job applications and candidates.

The position is the focal point of all recruiting activities related to it. You can view these recruiting activities under the Details tab for the position and in recruiting reports such as the Application Process System Report


Create a New Position

To create a new position go to Recruiting > Positions or simply duplicate an existing position by clicking on the Position actions button with three dots (located in the upper right of the screen that shows the position details) and selecting Duplicate position

If you duplicate a position, all the associated information (including meta-information, openings, responsibles, job descriptions, and their translations) is automatically added to the new position.



To create a new job position, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Positions. 

  2. Click on Create position. In the Create new position dialog that displays, enter the title of the new position, select the desired start date and, optionally, add a note.

  3. Click on Next. In the Create new position dialog that displays, select the Category, Subcompany, Department, Office, Occupation, Employment type, and Experience from the corresponding drop-down menus.

  4. Click on Create. The page that shows the position details displays. Under the Details tab, click on Add responsible to add the individual who is responsible for the position.
  5. You have the option to add position documents by clicking on Add position documents at the top right of the position details page. 
  6. You also have the option to edit the position's metadata by clicking on the Position actions button and selecting Edit position metadata. For more information on the actions you can perform by clicking on the Positions actions button, read this Help Center article
  7. Under the Description tab, click on Add a description to add a job position description. You will be prompted to select the default language in which the job description should be displayed on Personio Career pages and then to fill in the required job description fields. You have the option to add translations for your position descriptions, if required.
  8. If you prefer not to include all the job description fields in your posting, simply leave the fields that you do not require blank. Only the fields that you have filled out will be displayed and promoted. The About us section is added by default to every position. To edit the About us section, go to Settings > RECRUITING > Recruiting > Career page > Translations. For more information on adding, editing and translating position descriptions, read this Help Center article.
  9. To publish a position on the Personio career page, click on Publish.


Promote a Position on External Job Boards

After you have published a position, you can promote the position on external job boards via multi-posting or auto-posting. 

For more information about previewing and promoting positions on external job boards, read:


Tracking Links

You have the option to use tracking links to create external recruiting channels in Personio and use tracking links to analyze the channels candidates use to apply for your job vacancies. You don't need tracking links if you use the Personio Career page and the Promote feature only.

For more information on using tracking links for external recruiting channels, read this Help Center article.




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