Transmitting Applicant Data to Your Personio Account


In this article, you will find out how to ensure that applicant data is continuously transmitted to Personio. There are several ways to do this, which we will discuss in this article.

The table below gives you a rough overview of the different options and what you should take into account for each of them:



Receiving Email Applications

If you receive email applications by default, you can use your personal Personio recruiting inbox to process applications directly in Personio. Emails from applicants that are sent to your corporate recruiting address can be automatically redirected to Messages from applicants for whom an applicant profile already exists in Personio will appear directly in the respective applicant's message history once the email address has been matched to the profile. If incoming messages cannot be clearly assigned to any applicant profile, they will be placed in your recruiting inbox ready for further processing.


Using the Personio Career Page

If you would like to allow applicants to apply online but do not have your own career page, you can use the predefined Personio career page via, which you can adapt to your corporate design.

On this page, you can publish job openings that you have saved in your Personio account with just one click. In addition, your applicants are provided with an application form to transfer their data and all relevant application documents into your Personio account. For incoming applications, an applicant profile, including all the data provided, is created in Personio and assigned to the relevant position.


You can customize your Personio career page to your corporate design. Find out more about the available options here.


Using Your Own Career Page

If you have a corporate career page, you can easily link it to your Personio career page or directly with your Personio account. There are three ways to transmit applicant data to your Personio account:


1. Integrating the Personio Career Page Into Your Own Career Page via iframe

If you use the Personio career page, you can also fully embed it into your own website. The HTML element iframe gives you the option of displaying the Personio career page in a defined area of your website and thus integrating it into your corporate design. As a result, the applicant stays on your website throughout the completion of their application, including the submission of all data and documents. An applicant profile is automatically created and assigned to the corresponding job opening in Personio.



2. Integrating the Personio Career Page Into Your Own Website via XML

You can transfer the job postings that you manage in Personio to your own website. The transfer takes place automatically once the Personio XML interface has been set up. This allows you to display your job postings on your website in line with your preferences. In addition, you only have to enter all your data once, thus saving yourself further website maintenance. You can then forward your applicants to the Personio career page to enable them to apply online. There, your applicants will have access to an online application form that can be used to send all of the required data and documents to Personio. An applicant profile is automatically created and assigned to the corresponding job opening in Personio.



3. Transmitting Applicant Data via API

If you just want to use your own career page, you can transmit your applicant data to your Personio account via API. This allows you to present your job openings and the application form as you wish. In addition, the job postings you create in Personio will be automatically transferred via the XML interface to your own website. Once an applicant has completed their application, the data will be transmitted to your Personio account and an applicant profile will be created in the corresponding job opening.

Please note that you must provide your applicants with an application form, and that the Personio Recruiting API will only accept applicants for positions published in Personio.


Make sure that you have sufficient internal development capabilities to set up the XML interface and API required to use your own career page. Our Developer Hub contains comprehensive documentation of all parameters and endpoints, as well as informative technical tutorials.

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