Three options to link Personio with your own job site


In general, there are three ways to transfer applicant data from a job site to your Personio account when you publish job openings in external channels:

1. "Out of the box" Personio job page

The easiest way to transfer applicant data to your Personio account is to activate the Personio job site. The job openings you create in Personio can be published on the job site (to be found at open the respective job opening, select Edit position, and select the checkbox Publish in the bottom.

Any applicant applying through this job site for a position in your company can use the application form to enter their details and upload all relevant files. An applicant profile is created automatically in Personio and saved with the respective position; all data the applicant entered is saved there.


Design your job page according to your corporate ID specifications by visiting Configure account > Recruiting > Job page:
You can save your company profile in various languages, select fonts and colors, and upload your company logo and/or a banner.
Under Configure account > Recruiting > Job description, you can create as many attributes of a job opening you like, e.g., a detailed description of the requirements, responsibilities, tasks, or the applicant profile.
A job opening may look like this:



2. Integrate your Personio account into your own career page using the Personio job page


Should you wish to continue using your own job site, you can do so easily by integrating the Personio XML interface into your own job site. Once you edit the job opening under Edit position and select the checkbox Publish in the bottom, the job opening is published automatically via the XML interface.

This way, data sets from your Personio account are automatically integrated into your own website. This allows you to design it any way you would like to, and add filtering options, for example, making it easier for applicants to find the best-matching job opening.


In order to receive new application details in Personio, you can link from your own job site to your Personio job site. Applicants can now enter data, upload documents, and are automatically set up as applicants in your Personio account.

Should you wish to manage vacancies on your own career page via your Personio account, you can do so via iframe. That way, you can integrate content of your Personio job page into your own career page. Additionally, the overview will adapt perfectly to your career page should you have designed according to your corporate ID requirements.


3. Integration of your own career page without using the Personio job page

Should you wish not to forward data to your Personio job page but send them directly to Personio, you can do so via API. This way, the applicant does not see you are using the Personio recruiting tool.

To set up the API (and the aforementioned XML interface), we kindly ask to please turn to IT experts.


Another advantage of this solution is that you can freely configure the application form and transfer any applicant attributes via API to Personio. You can request additional details such as the applicant's salary expectations, their entry date, etc., as well. With the applicant data received via API, an applicant's profile is generated immediately in Personio.
An application form may look like this:



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