Step 4: Generate Evaluation Sheets


Since recruitment processes usually involve several employees, Personio offers the option of managing applicant feedback in an objective and clearly structured way by using evaluations. Evaluation sheets can be freely configured and can be used any number of times as part of recruitment processes.


Create evaluation sheets        

Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Evaluations to create new evaluation sheets. It is useful to create a number of different evaluation sheets, as first impressions during a telephone interview are usually subject to different criteria than specialist interviews with a supervisor. If you wish to seek feedback from participants after each interview, you can use the interview categories as guidance for creating evaluation sheets, for example.

Evaluation sheets generally comprise a number of different sections, which can be combined by clicking on the Plus symbol (“+”) and then are simply arranged in the required order by drag & drop.


The sections Key Take Aways and Overall recommendation are already available by default. These form a fixed component of any evaluation sheet to provide a clear summary.

You can create any number of additional criteria to be queried on the evaluation sheets by clicking on Add new section. You have a choice of three types of elements when creating these reusable sections. Scales and text fields can be supplemented by informative text to provide guidance to evaluators:




Titles allow questionnaires to be organized by different blocks.


Scales consist of descriptive text (title), the labels for minimal and maximal values on the scale (labeling), a text field Info for evaluator and a weighting. The weighting allows the importance of individual questions to be reflected on a scale between 0 and 1.

Text field

Text fields are used to enter qualitative feedback.


Use of evaluation sheets

Evaluations can generally be provided via three different avenues:

  1. Via the Evaluation tab in the applicant profile
    Select the relevant evaluation sheet in the applicant profile by clicking on Evaluation > Add evaluation, then complete and submit the sheet.
  2. Via a review request
    Go to the applicant profile and click on Request review to request a feedback from a colleague. Select Evaluation form as the type of feedback and then select the appropriate evaluation form. Once you send the request, the relevant employee receives an email notification, and an entry is made in Your TODOs in the Personio dashboard.

  3. Via an interview event
    Select the appropriate evaluation sheet and all participants when creating a recruitment interview. The participants will be requested to submit their evaluation form at the time of the interview, similar to point 2.

If any fields in a questionnaire do not apply to an applicant, they can be left out from the evaluation. Individual evaluations are shown together in chronological order in the applicant profile; aggregated evaluations can be accessed by clicking on the Evaluations tab.



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