Step 3: Generating Recruiting Interviews



This article explains how you can schedule and manage candidate interviews. To do this, first define all the different interview types you wish to set up in Personio, and decide if calendar invitations should be sent to all internal participants of an interview directly from your Personio account. Personio also allows you to link your company calendar with your Personio account. You can use this function for checking the availability of interview participants and meeting rooms while scheduling an interview in Personio.


Set up Interview Types

Similar to recruiting phases, you can create any number of interview types in Personio such as Phone Interviews, Personal Interviews, Assessment Centers, etc. To set up interview types, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting.
  2. Select the Interviews tab, and under Interview types, click plus-icon.png Plus to create all types of interviews that you need in Personio.
  3. To change the sort order of your interview types, select the interview type you want to move to a different position.
  4. Then click Edit next to that interview type, and insert your desired Sort order number. Then click Save. Learn more about Configuring Interview Types.



Set up Calendar Invites for Interviewers

To configure if interviewers should receive a calendar invite via email in addition to the appointment that is created within Personio, follow these steps:

Note this setup is not necessary if you set up a calendar integration via API. However, if you work with an external recruiting agency (that does not have an email address belonging to your company’s domain, e.g., the checkbox should remain activated so that iCal invitations can be sent to these users.

  1. First, you need to Export Interview Appointments to your Calendar via ical.
  2. Then, go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting.
  3. Select the Interviews tab, and next to Interview settings click Edit.
  4. Here, you can define whether employees who will participate in interviews will also be sent a calendar invite via email. This invite would be sent via iCal.
  5. Then click Save.

Tip since invitations for candidate interviews contain the candidate's personal data, the calendar appointment is, by default, set to unavailable and no further details are displayed. The interview host needs to set the interview time and date in their own email account to public so that interviewers can see it.


Set up a Calendar Integration

For better workflows and fewer errors while setting up interviews, we recommend integrating your company calendar with your Personio account via API using our Partner Cronofy.

This will allow you to:

  • Check the availability of interview participants and meeting rooms while scheduling an interview, using the Find a time slot functionality;
  • create videoconferencing links for Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams and GoToMeeting directly in Personio; or
  • provide candidates with a selection of available interview dates and times from your calendar using our Smart interview scheduling functionality.

Personio currently supports the integration with the Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange calendar applications. Learn more about Setting up the Integration of Your Company Calendar.

Note The setup of the calendar integration can only be done by employees with administrator rights for your account. It also requires liaising with the administrator of your company calendar or IT.


Create an Interview

If a suitable candidate has applied for a job vacancy, you can create and manage your interviews directly in Personio. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Applications.
  2. Enter the candidate's application and click on the Interviews tab.
  3. Select New interview and choose an interview type.
    Find more information on Configuring Interview Types.
  4. Select the participants (interviewers and organizer). If the organizer does not want to participate, they need to decline the invitation, otherwise their calendar will be blocked.

    Tip although the organizer does not necessarily have to participate in the interview, they must already be defined as the person responsible for the position. Each participant needs to be assigned a recruiting role to define the rights they are granted by being invited to the interview. Learn more about Step 7: Defining Recruiting Roles.

  5. Then add the Duration, Date, and Start time of the interview, and optionally select a Room and Location where the interview will take placeLearn more about Scheduling Interviews without Calendar Integration.

    Note In case you are using an integrated calendar, you can:
    ▶︎ Click Find time slot, and check the interviewers' availability, and the availability of rooms, directly in the calendar. Learn more about Scheduling Interviews using the Integrated Calendar.
    ▶︎ Create a smart scheduling link and send it to the candidate. Learn more about Smart Interview Scheduling.

  6. Under Interview method, you can select if the interview will take place in person, via phone, or via an integrated videoconferencing provider (Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, or GoToMeeting). Learn more about Setting up videoconferencing for Interviews.
  7. In case you have configured evaluation forms, you can select one from the drop-down menu and set up a reminder for the interviewers to receive automatic email notifications to remind them of this task. Find more information in Step 4: Creating Evaluation Forms.


Manage an Interview

Send the Invite to the Candidate

Once the interview has been successfully created, you can click Email invite to candidate to send all the necessary information to the candidate, either via an Email Template or the Copy interview details function. This way, the invitation will automatically create an event in the candidate's calendar, and the message body will be shown in the event. Find out how to Send recruiting messages.

Note Depending on the settings of the candidate's email provider, the candidate's response to the invitation (accepted or declined) will be sent to Personio and will be reflected in the interview overview.


Interview Status and Overview

The scheduled interview will automatically receive a status:

  • Scheduled (date of the interview lies in the future): All internal participants will receive an email invitation to the interview as long as the relevant option has been activated as described above.
  • Completed (date of the interview lies in the past): All interviews are automatically assigned the status Completed on the day following the scheduled interview date, unless the status is manually changed to Declined beforehand.
  • Cancelled: Click Cancel this interview, and its status will change automatically to Cancelled.

An icon will indicate the Interview method. The time of the interview will be based on the host's timezone, and the timezone will be indicated in brackets next to it. Once a meeting has been created, the following status responses can be shown in the scheduled interview as well as the company calendar:

  • Attending
  • Declined
  • Maybe
  • Awaiting response



Cancel an Interview

To cancel an interview, click Cancel the interview.

Note all internal participants are automatically notified of the cancellation by email. The candidate will not receive an automatic email notification about the cancellation and therefore needs to be advised separately by email.




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