Step 3: Generate Recruitment Interviews


Applicant interviews form an important part of the recruitment process. These can be scheduled and managed in Personio.


Setting up interview types

Similar to recruitment phases, you can create any number of interview types in Personio. To do so, add all types of interviews that you intend to schedule in Personio under Settings > Recruiting > Interview types.



Scheduling interviews

Go to Settings > Recruiting > General to define whether employees who will participate in interviews will also be sent email invitations, in addition to Personio creating relevant calendar entries.


Once the interview types have been created in the account settings, they can be assigned to applicants and scheduled in applicant profiles. To do so, go to the relevant applicant profile and click on Interviews > Add interview to schedule an appointment. Choose the corresponding interview type from the selection you have previously created in the recruiting settings and click on Add to create and configure the interview. Then select the employees who should take part in the interview. Each participant then needs to be assigned a recruitment role to define the rights they are granted by being invited to the interview.


Also enter the interview status. An interview can have four different statuses:


  • Created: The interview has been created, but no email invitations have yet been sent out, possibly because the applicant has not confirmed yet. However, a relevant entry has already been generated in the employee calendar. In the calendar view, the interview is visible to all participants and all employees with access rights to the recruitment calendar.
  • Scheduled: All internal participants receive an email invitation, if this option is activated in the account settings. Please note that no automatic invitation is sent to the applicant; you rather need to invite the applicant separately by email. You can use an email template to do this. To find out how to create email templates, please click here.
  • Completed: Once an interview has been completed, you can set its status to “Completed”.
  • Cancelled: This status option can only be selected once an interview has been created. The interview status can be set to “Cancelled” if an interview cannot be held at the scheduled time and date. In this case, all participants are automatically sent a cancellation email. Please note that you need to inform the applicant separately about the cancellation.

Now select the date, time and duration of the interview and set the place.


Finally, you have the option of linking the scheduled interview with an evaluation sheet that you have previously created in the account configuration. As soon as the interview status is set to “Scheduled”, the interview participants are sent an email invitation to the interview as well as an invitation to complete the evaluation sheet. A relevant entry is also made in their ToDo list in the Personio dashboard.

You can additionally create an internal note that is displayed to the participants in the interview.

If you have linked an evaluation sheet to the interview, you can finally choose whether participants will be sent an automatic reminder to complete the evaluation sheet and, if yes, after how many days the reminder will be sent.



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