Step 3: Generating Recruiting Interviews


This article explains how you can schedule and manage candidate interviews. To do this, first define all of the different interview types you wish to set up in Personio. Personio also allows you to send calendar invitations to all internal participants in an interview directly from your account.


Creating Interview Types

Similar to recruitment phases, you can create any number of interview types in Personio. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Interviews > Interview types and add all types of interviews that you would like to schedule in Personio. Click on Edit to change the sort order for your interview types.

Go to Settings > Recruiting > Interviews > Interview settings to define whether employees who will participate in interviews will also be sent a calendar invite via email in addition to the appointment that is created within Personio.

Since invitations for candidate interviews contain the candidate's personal data, the calendar appointment is, by default, set to unavailable and no further details are displayed. Set the interview time and date in your own email account to public so that your colleagues can see it.



Creating and Managing Interviews

If a suitable candidate has applied for a job vacancy, you can create and manage your interviews directly in Personio.

Go to the candidate profile you wish to create an interview for and click on the Interviews tab. Select Add Interview and choose the required interview type to start scheduling a candidate interview. Define the interview organizer. The organizer does not also need to be a participant in the interview, but they must be defined as the person responsible for the position. Select the employees who are to attend the interview. At this point, each participant must also be assigned a recruiting role so that you can define the access rights participants will be given when they receive their invitations to the interview.To find out how to configure recruiting roles, please click here.

Select the interview status:

  • Created: The candidate has not yet confirmed.
  • Scheduled: The candidate has confirmed the interview. All internal participants will receive an email invitation to the interview as long as the relevant option has been activated in Settings > Recruiting > Interviews > Interview settings.

    On the day of the interview, the dashboard of both the interview organizer and each participant will show a diary preview in the Interviews today section.

    Please note that no automatic invitation will be sent to the candidate. You will need to invite them separately by email. To do so, first configure the interview. Then copy the interview details using the Copy interview details function so that you can send the candidate information about the time of their interview and who will be interviewing them. 


  • Completed: The interview has been conducted.
    All interviews are automatically assigned the status Completed on the day following the scheduled interview date, unless the status is manually changed to Declined beforehand.
  • Declined: The interview will not be held at the scheduled time. All internal participants are automatically notified of the cancellation by email.

    The candidate will not receive an automatic email notification about the cancellation and therefore needs to be advised separately by email.


Add the date, time, duration and place of the interview. Decide whether interview participants will need to complete an evaluation form. For scheduled interviews, all participants receive an email invitation to complete the evaluation form on the day of the interview, and this request is also shown as a to-do on their dashboards.

Select whether participants in the interview will receive automatic reminders to complete the evaluation form, and if yes, define the number of days after which this will occur. You have the option to add an internal note to be displayed to interview participants.


Scheduling Interviews With an Integrated Calendar

Personio allows you to link your company calendar with your Personio account. You can use this function for checking the availability of interview participants and meeting rooms right as you schedule an interview, and you can book a suitable time straight from Personio.


Setting Up Calendar Integration

Activate this function by creating a link to your company calendar. To do this, go to Settings > Calendars > Calendar Integration. This step only needs to be done once. It can only be performed by employees with administrator rights for your account. It also requires liaising with the administrator of your company calendar or IT. Click here for detailed information on setting up the integration.

Personio currently supports integration with the Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange calendar applications.


Scheduling an Interview

Schedule an interview as described above (Chapter Creating and Managing Interviews).



Once you have set all essential data and defined all participants, click on Find time slot. This opens a calendar view, where you can use drag & drop to select an available time slot. You can again define or edit all essential data, such as the date and duration of the interview and the room, directly in the calendar view. Click on the Select time button if you would like to schedule the selected time, and Personio will take you back to the interview overview.

Complete the remaining boxes and click on Submit. Personio then automatically sends meeting invitations and adds the event to the calendars for the employees and rooms concerned.

Click here for more information about scheduling interview appointments using an integrated calendar.


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