Initial setup – Recruiting


Since the recruitment area is immediately linked to the HR administration in Personio, we recommend that you set up the HRM area first as the basis for a comprehensively managed recruitment process. This ensures that you can create a digital employee file for new employees as soon as their application is first received in Personio.

Configure recruitment settings

First consider how you currently manage applications and how the process should be mapped in the future. Personio essentially provides for three different communication methods for transferring applicant data to your Personio account. Please note that you will need to deploy internal developer resources for creating an API or XML interface. However, we are happy to support you in integrating such interfaces.

Initial recruitment setup

Setting up your recruitment area involves seven steps. While individual steps can be left out, it is recommended that you follow the sequence of steps as indicated below. The following Helpcenter articles provide detailed information on how to set up this function.

Once you have configured these steps in Personio, you’re ready to start active recruitment via Personio. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help and advise you on configuring individual steps.

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