Step 6: Creating External Channels


This article explains how to promote job openings quickly and easily on external channels directly from Personio in just a few clicks. It also contains all information you'll need for tracking external channels correctly. This saves you time and effort because you no longer need to publish job openings separately on various job portals.


Publishing on the Personio Career Page

In the Recruiting section, navigate to the Job overview tab and select the position to be advertised. Edit the position via View position details > Edit and fill out the relevant fields. Please note that fields marked with * in the meta information are mandatory for job publications via Personio. Then click on Save to save the changes you have made.

When you have filled out all the details, click the Publish button to publish the job position on your Personio career page.

If you use the Personio career page, the candidate response is tracked automatically, so no further settings are necessary. All applications received via your Personio career page will have the Personio career page channel added to the corresponding candidate profile by default.

The Professional and Enterprise plans include the provision of an XML interface. If this option is enabled in Settings > Recruiting > Career page, job openings with Published status can also be accessed via the XML feed. Please refer to this article to find out how to integrate job openings via the XML interface.


Publishing on External Job Boards via Multiposting

Back in the detail view of the job position, click on the Promote tab to access an extensive list of external job boards. Use Personio's multiposting to advertise job openings on several job portals with just a few clicks. Click here to see an overview of all job portals currently available via Personio.recruiting-multi-posting-job-portals_en-us.gif

Based on the information stored in the job posting, you'll see matching job boards shown as Suggested job boards for "name of position" together with relevant details on runtimes and costs. Underneath, you'll find Free job boards and the remaining paid Premium job boardsThis article explains multiposting in detail. 

If you use your own corporate career page instead of the Personio career page and at the same time also use the multiposting function, enter the correct URL for the job position and the associated application form under Position details > Edit > Advertise

Please note: Based on the URL for your career page entered under Settings > Recruiting > Career page, you will be shown a suggestion that you can either accept or overwrite.

Save the entries you have added by clicking the Save button.


Using Tracking Links

As an alternative to multiposting, you can also choose to advertise job openings independently of Personio and use the tracking links for the respective recruiting channel. To do this, go to Recruiting > Job overview and click on the Promote button for the position you want to advertise. Alternatively, you can also access the Promote tab by going to Show position details for the respective position. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Channels to create a separate channel for each external recruiting channel you use to be able to track incoming applications. For more details about using tracking links, click here.





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