Step 6: Create External Channels


Personio allows you to publish job openings quickly and easily, in just a few clicks, to any number of external job portals at the same time. This saves a lot of time and effort, as you do not need to submit the job openings separately to each portal.

Click on Post on job portals in the detailed job opening view to access a comprehensive list of job portals.


The overview contains information on the active duration of an ad, the target group, costs, types of ads etc. for each jobs portal. Activate the check boxes for all portals that you wish to publish the ad to and click on Next.


Review your request and click on Book ads to finalize the booking. Make sure that your credit card information is stored in your account under Plan and Billing > Billing Information so that any costs can be easily settled via Personio. This is also where you find your invoices for download.

If you have already made master contracts with certain job portals, please contact us via These contracts are filed in Personio and costs will be adjusted accordingly.


Track various recruitment channels

Personio offers a range of options for tracking applications received via the various recruitment channels you use:


1. For job ads published via Personio

As described above, Personio makes it easy for you to publish job openings to a range of job portals. As soon as an applicant wants to submit an application in response to your ad, they are transferred straight to your Personio careers page, which automatically tracks the channel through which the applicant has reached you.


2. For job ads published manually

For job openings published to job portals outside Personio, create a relevant channel in Personio. To do so, navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels. Once created, this channel can then be added to the job opening.

The procedure is as follows: Open a job ad and click on Share with tracking link:


Select the required channel and click on Add.


A URL with tracking parameters is then shown for the relevant channel and job opening. Copy this URL and place it inside your ad when you publish it.



For job openings published via the Personio careers page

Applicants reach the relevant job opening on your Personio careers page via the tracking URL stored with the ad. As they do so, they are automatically linked to their originating channel.


For job openings published via your company’s careers page

Store the URL for your company’s careers page under Settings > Recruiting > Career page. A specific tracking URL is then generated based on this URL as soon as you manually add a channel to a job ad in the detail view. This URL transfers applicants to the relevant job opening on your company’s careers page.


If you wish to publish a job opening to the external job portals accessible via Personio while integrating your company’s careers page, complete the required fields URL to your job opening and URL to your application form in the detail view of your jobs opening.


This is the URL for the job opening/application form on your company’s careers page. The URLs entered allow communication between Personio, your company’s careers page and the relevant other job portals.

If the structure of your company’s careers page does not match the logic of the tracking URL generated by Personio, you have the option of adjusting the tracking URL parameters individually, provided that a separate careers page URL has been stored and the Personio careers page has not been activated. You can then click on Edit position in the detail view of a position to adjust the tracking URL.


If an applicant reaches your company’s careers page via the tracking URL, the recruiting channel ID can be identified via the _pc URL parameter. When an application is sent to the Personio API, the recruiting_channel_id value must be transferred so that applicants are created in Personio and linked to the correct recruiting channel. For further information on our recruiting API, please click here.


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