Step 6: Create a Personio career page

This article contains information about how you can activate your company’s own Personio career page free of charge. 

You need to activate your Personio career page first before you can use it. To do so, navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Career page > Edit. This is also where you can store your company profile in several languages. The profile is displayed in every job opening. Here you can also add links or videos to the job posting.


Your Personio career page is located at the following URL: The URL for the career page of Web Demo Pty Ltd with the Personio URL would be


Edit the color of areas, fonts and buttons in line with your corporate identity to showcase your company optimally, and upload a logo, which will be displayed as a banner on the career page.


Privacy statement

You also have the option of storing a privacy statement, which applicants automatically agree to when they submit their applications. 

Freely configurable applicant form

Now consider the information that you would like applicants to provide. You can store any number of individual attributes in the applicant form once you have created the form under Settings > Recruiting > Applicant. Once this form has been created, you can add applicant attributes under Settings > Recruiting > Career page settings > Application form fields as needed, change their sequence via drag & drop and define which attributes will be required.

Job openings display

Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Career page > Grouping categories to define how vacant positions will be grouped on your Personio career page. You can group job openings by department, type of employment, location or another category defined by you. This allows applicants to filter your job openings and search for suitable job advertisements in a targeted manner.


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