How to upload a single document to an employee profile


This article describes how you can upload a single document (or multiple documents one by one) directly to your employees’ Personio accounts.


Upload a single document 

      • Go to the employee profile you want to upload a document to. Go to Documents > Upload. 

      • Add the document by uploading the desired file or simply drag and drop it into the window.

      • Enter a name and select the category for the document. You also have the option to add a date and a comment if you want. Click Upload to complete the process.

      • Personio will then run a virus scan on the document and a 🔄  icon will appear. If the document is secure, it will be available for download. If the document is deemed as not secure, a ⚠️  icon will appear and you will only be able to delete it.

    Alternatively, your IT department can create an API integration that will automatically upload a document to the respective employee profile. They will find all the technical documentation in our Developer Hub.


Edit the document

The document is then generated under the relevant category. You have the following options:

  • Click on the document name to have a preview displayed.
  • Click on the small blue pencil icon to edit the document category, title, date or comments.
  • Download the document.
  • Delete the document.
  • Additional information is displayed about the size and creation date of the file.

Find out how to upload multiple documents in this article.


When uploading files to Personio documents, the following file types are supported: .pdf, .docx, .doc, .jpg, .zip, .png, .txt, .jpeg, .odt, .xlsx, .rtf, .htm, .xls, .p7s, .pptx, .pages, .rar, .ppt, .gif, .tif, .html, .msg, .asc, .tiff, .wps, .bmp, .7z, .csv, .ics, .vcf, .dotx, .numbers, .eps, .gz, .ods, .otf, .odp, .odg, .rtfd, .txz, .webarchive, .xml, .xps, .md, .fax




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