Configuring Document Categories and Adding Templates


This article explains how you can configure various document categories that are useful for your company, such as ‘work contracts’, ‘references’ or ’payroll’, and create and upload relevant document templates.


Configuring a Document Category

Go to Settings > Documents > Categories to create any number of document categories.


With any category selected, click on Edit to change the sequence in which the document categories are shown.

System categories (marked with a lock icon) can be neither deleted nor renamed.

The number to the right of a document category indicates how many documents are stored in this category in Personio.


Adding a Document Template


Navigate to Settings > Documents and click on the Templates tab to upload individual document templates to the category you have created. Next, enter a name for the template, then select the template language and a file in the correct format. Click on Upload to finalise the process.

Please note that the language you select for a template is relevant for how dates will be formatted. Click here for further information on formatting dates.


If you would like work contract templates to be automatically shown in the Recruiting section when you create a job offer, they need to be uploaded to the Work Contracts system category.

Once you have uploaded a template, you can have it displayed using the Preview function, or you can download it by clicking on the relevant button.



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