Creating document templates - Placeholders


This article describes how to use placeholders when creating documents. Placeholders enable you to create individualized documents for each employee with just a few clicks.


Create a Text Template

First create a text document in MS Office (DOCX/DOTX) or OpenOffice (ODT/OTT), add text and images, and formate the content to your liking. While creating your document, insert placeholders for every information that is to be automatically filled with the corresponding employee data as well as for every information you would like to individually fill in yourself later on. A placeholder always consists of an attribute name surrounded by two curly brackets, e.g. {{first_name}}.

Personio offers three different types of placeholders:

  • Predefined placeholders - refer to system attributes
  • Custom placeholders - refer to custom attributes
  • Free placeholders - attribute independent

When using the template, Personio scans the attribute-related placeholders and automatically fills them with the corresponding employee data. Attribute independent placeholders can be filled with free text.

When activating a document template with placeholders in an employee's profile, you will get the following view:



Predefined Placeholders

These placeholders refer to system attributes and must therefore be named exactly as in the table below.

 Predefined Placeholder Employee attribute
first_name First name
last_name Last name
email Email address
position Position
department Department
gender Gender
status Status
hire_date Hire date
probation_period Length of probation
probation_period_custom End of probation period
contract_end_date Contract ends
termination_type Termination type
termination_reason Termination reason
termination_date Termination date
last_working_day Last day of work
document_date Creation date of the document
weekly_working_hours Weekly hours
children Children
supervisor_first_name Supervisor first name
supervisor_last_name Supervisor last name
supervisor_position Supervisor position
office_id Office
subcompany Subcompany
fix_salary Fix salary
hourly_salary Hourly salary
fte FTE
last_login Last login
cost_centers Cost center


Custom Placeholders

These placeholders refer to custom attributes. Custom attributes are all attributes which can be edited or deleted including the ones you created yourself. Name these placeholders the exact same way you named the custom attributes.

Examples: {{Street}} {{Postcode}} {{City}}


Free Placeholders

These placeholders are attribute-independent and can therefore be named freely. Fill these placeholders with free text later on.


In a Word document you could use  the following individual text blocks:


Preview of the final document:



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