Assigning and Managing Offboarding Processes


This article explains how you can assign and manage offboarding templates.


Assigning an Offboarding Template

As soon as an employee's employment is terminated, a new Offboarding tab automatically appears next to the Onboarding tab in the employee profile.


Navigate to this tab and select the appropriate offboarding template from the templates previously created in the Settings.


Once you have allocated a template, a list of all required offboarding steps is displayed, together with their relevant deadlines and statuses. If you want employees to see only the steps they are responsible for, make sure to leave the View access right in the Onboarding section deactivated. For further information on access rights, please click here.


Note that once you have assigned an offboarding template to an employee, they will receive notifications regarding pending tasks (see Notifications About Offboarding To-Dos).

Please note that the status and information stored in a template are deleted if you delete or reassign the template.



Notifications About Offboarding To-Dos

Seven days before a deadline expires, Personio sends all employees responsible for an offboarding step a first notification email and creates a relevant to-do in their Personio home section. Another email reminder is sent two days before the deadline expires. If any offboarding to-dos become overdue, the responsible employees will receive email reminders daily.


Managing an Offboarding Template

Employees are able to complete those steps of the offboarding template that they are responsible for. Once an offboarding step has been completed, the responsible employee can click on the green Mark as completed button to update the status.


The offboarding list shows the same four statuses as the onboarding section: Pending and delayed (red), Pending on-time (yellow), Completed (green), or Skipped (gray).

Employees with editing permissions for the Onboarding section can click on the status to mark individual steps as Skipped or Completed.



Finalizing Offboarding Processes

The dashboard gives you a clear overview of how your employees' offboarding processes are progressing: For users who have, at minimum, viewing rights for the Onboarding section, the dashboard shows how many and which employees are currently in the offboarding process. If you hover your mouse over a particular employee, Personio also shows how much of the process has been completed in percent.

Click on the area to open the employee list. In the Offboarding status column, the current progress is again displayed for each employee. You can use the Actions button and the Complete onboarding process function to bulk-edit and finalize the pending offboarding processes of employees who, for example, may have had pending to-dos for some time and whose last day of employment, and with it the day their Personio account is deactivated, is getting close.


The employee list provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current status of your employees' offboarding processes. To access the list, first navigate to the control field at the top right with the three dots. Then click on Customize columns and select the attribute Offboarding status.


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