Assigning and Managing Onboarding Templates



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This article explains how to assign onboarding templates to individual employees and manage the templates you have assigned.

You first need to create onboarding templates to be able to assign them.


Assigning an Onboarding Template

  1. In the employee's profile, go to the Onboarding tab.
  2. Click on the template you wish to assign to the employee.


  3. The list of all required onboarding steps is displayed, together with their relevant deadlines and statuses.


    Some tasks are displayed in bold. This indicates that the current viewer has been assigned as the employee responsible for the completion of the task (or belongs to a team that has been set as responsible). In this example, the viewer belongs to both the IT department and the HR department.

  4. Once you have assigned an onboarding template to an employee, they will receive notifications regarding pending tasks (see Notifications About Onboarding To-Dos).

An employee does not need any access rights to be able to see their own onboarding steps. If an employee has View rights to the Onboarding section, they will then see all steps of their onboarding, including the steps they are not responsible for.


Assigning new or deleting an onboarding template

To assign a new template:

  1. In the employee's profile, go to the Onboarding tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Assign new onboarding template

To delete the template currently in use:

  1. In the employee's profile, go to the Onboarding tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Remove onboarding template

If you delete or assign a new template, the status and information stored are deleted and cannot be accessed any longer.



Notifications About Onboarding To-Dos

Seven days before a deadline expires, Personio sends the first notification email to all employees responsible to complete the respective onboarding step, and creates a relevant to-do in the Tasks widget on the Dashboard and in the Inbox. Another email reminder is sent by Personio two days before the deadline expires. If any onboarding to-dos become overdue, the responsible employees receive daily email reminders. For more information on reminders for onboarding tasks, read our article Notifications and Tasks in Personnel Administration.


Managing an Onboarding Template

Employees complete the steps of an onboarding template they are responsible for. Once an onboarding step has been completed, the responsible employee can click on the green Mark as completed button to update its status.


The following four statuses are available in the onboarding list:

  • Red: Pending and delayed
  • Yellow: Pending on time
  • Grey: The step is not required and is skipped/ignored
  • Green: Completed

Onboarding steps can be saved any number of times until the entire process is completed. Note, however, that steps can no longer be edited once they have been marked as Completed in the onboarding template.


Employees with Edit rights for the Onboarding section can click on the status to mark individual steps as Skipped or Completed in the Onboarding template.



Completing Onboarding Processes

Each individual employee is responsible for completing their own tasks. If your employees have not marked their tasks as complete, you can mark their onboarding as complete:

  1. In the Workflow Hub, click on See all onboarding employees.
  2. In the Onboarding status column, the current progress is displayed for each employee. 
  3. Select the checkbox on the left of the name of the relevant employee.
  4. Click on Actions.
  5. Click on Complete Onboarding Process.workflow_hub-onboarding-see-employees-bulk-select-complete-process_en-us.png



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