Configuring Onboarding and Offboarding Processes


This article explains how you can create and configure steps and templates to optimally map your onboarding and offboarding processes in Personio.

Please note that onboarding and offboarding processes are configured in the same manner. This article illustrates the process using the onboarding example.


The 3 steps to a proper onboarding process in Personio



1. Create Onboarding Steps

Start by creating all the onboarding steps you want to include in your onboarding process. You only need to create these once and can then reuse them in different onboarding templates. There is no limit to the number of onboarding steps that can be created. 

  1. Go to Settings > On-/Offboarding and click on Onboarding Steps. 
  2. Type in the name of a new Onboarding Step and select if you are creating a General step or an Email action.
  3. Add items to General steps or define the parameters for Email Actions
  4. Click on Save changes.


Add items to General Steps

A General step may comprise several items.


  1. Click on Add item and choose among the options in the dropdown (e.g. Text information, Employee attribute, Checkbox). The following table provides an overview of all available items:
    Item type Description
    Text information Displays some text that you can define which can serve as an explanation of how the remaining form needs to be filled out. URLs will automatically be converted to links.
    Document for download Specify a document that will be available for download by the employee.
    Employee attribute Link to a specific attribute of the employee that helps to fill out employee information during the onboarding process.
    Profile picture Offer the option to upload a profile picture for this employee.
    Checkbox Display a checkbox that the employee can check (or has to check).
    Fill text field Display a text field where a line of text or several lines of text can be entered.
    Enter URL Display a text field in which a valid URL needs to be entered.
    Upload document Upload a document and link it with a certain section of the document management module.
  2. Define description, label, attribute, etc. that is specific to the chosen item type.  
  3. Select which items are Required, causing employees to not be able to mark the step as completed until the requested information for this item was provided. For Employee attributes, you can decide additionally if these should be Editable for employees until the onboarding step is completed.
  4. Click on Save changes.


Define the parameters for an Email Action


  1. Set the Auto send email parameter to either Send manually, On due date or, When previous steps are completed.
    Sending option Description
    Send manually The responsible employee(s) get a reminder to send out the email. Which employee or group is responsible for this step you will define when creating the Onboarding template.
    On due date The email will be automatically dispatched on a date that will be defined in the specific Onboarding template.
    When previous steps are completed Personio will generate the auto dispatch only after all Onboarding steps have been marked as completed.
  2. For the Sender parameter select, which employee should be displayed as the sender of the email.
    ⚠️  The email will display the email signature set in Personio for the selected employee. Learn more about Setting up an Email Signature.
  3. Select who is going to receive the email in the Recipients(s) parameter. You can choose between the employee who will be assigned the step, the supervisor, or all employees. Additionally, the created On-/Offboarding Teams set in Groups, the Employee Teams (>Settings > Departments and Teams), and employees belonging to specific Offices and Departments can be selected. 
  4. Define the Email subject which will serve as the subject line of the email.
  5. Create the Email Template. You can insert Employee attributes, On-/Offboarding attributes, and the Profile Picture into the email by selecting them in the Insert variable into email dropdown. Additionally, you can insert a gender split, if desired. Find more information on creating email templates here.
  6. Finally, upload document(s) that should be attached to the email. Max. filesize is 256 MB. 
  7. Click on Save changes.


2. Build Groups


On-/Offboarding Groups can be used to assign an entire group of employees to be responsible for a specific Onboarding Step or set this group of employees as Recipients of an Email Action

  1. Go to Settings > On-/Offboarding and click on Groups. 
  2. Type in the name of a new Group and click on the Plus Icon.
  3. The left column called shows a complete list of all employees that can be added to the Group. Click on the listed employees you want to add, which will move them to the right column. To remove an employee simply click on the list entry in the right column again.  You can filter both columns by the employees' first name, last name, and position. 
  4. Click on Save changes.


3. Compose and manage Onboarding Templates


From the previously created Onboarding Steps, you can now build your Onboarding Template. You have the option to duplicate existing onboarding templates, rename and then edit them in line with your specific requirements.

  1. Go to Settings > On-/Offboarding and click on Onboarding Templates. 
  2. Type in the name of a new Onboarding Template and click on the Plus Icon.
  3. Click on Add step choose the Step you want to include from the dropdown.
  4. Define the Responsible person(s). You can choose between the employee that will be assigned the template, the supervisor, or any of the on-/offboarding and employee teams
  5. For the Deadline you can set a number of days relative to the employees' hire date. 

    For General Steps:
    Seven days before a deadline expires, Personio sends a first notification email to all employees responsible to complete the respective onboarding step, and creates a relevant to-do in their Personio home section. Another email reminder is sent by Personio two days before the deadline expires. If any onboarding to-dos become overdue, the responsible employees receive daily email reminders.
    For Email Actions:
    The deadline defines the email sending date when the option On due Date is set in the Email Action Onboarding Step.

  6. Repeat steps 3.-6. to add any number of additional Onboarding Steps. 
  7. Use the Arrow Icon on the left-hand side of each listed Onboarding Step to Drag to sort.
  8. After adding all Onboarding Steps the Onboarding Template should include, click on Save changes.

Read the Helpcenter articles Best Practices: Onboarding Templates and Steps and Best Practices: Offboarding Templates and Steps for an overview of the most commonly used onboarding and offboarding templates and steps.


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