Notifications and Reminders


To best inform you about upcoming events and to remind you of pending to-dos, Personio displays notifications on your dashboard and sends system e-mails.

If none of your employees should receive e-mail notifications from Personio, such as approval requests or reminders, you can globally deactivate all e-mail notifications under Settings > Company > Email notifications enabled.

In the following we will give you an overview on the different notification types and times sorted by the different occasions.

Trigger of the notification Who will be notified? Notification type When will the e-mail be sent?
Dashboard E-mail 
Employee Data Changes 
Request Approver yes no  
Approval Requestor no no  
Rejection Requestor no yes immediately
(Substitute-)Request Approver (or substitute) yes yes within the next 30 minutes
Approval Requestor no yes within the next 30 minutes
Rejection Requestor no yes within the next 30 minutes
Overlap of absences  Employees with editing rights for the relevant absence type yes no  
Pending certificates Requestor & Approver yes no  
Upload certificate Approver yes no within the next 30 minutes
Approval certificate Requestor no no  
Rejection certificate Requestor to-do is open again no  
Request Approver yes, bundled per employee  yes, bundled per day for all requesting employees   in the morning of the next day
Approval Requestor no no  
Rejection  Requestor no yes immediately
Any employee attribute stored as a date Person responsible  yes yes in the morning of the day to remember   
Payroll All employees, who have access rights to the payroll  yes no  




Open to-dos Person responsible yes (7 days before due date) yes 7 days before the due date
Reminder of open to-dos Person responsible yes yes from 2 days before the due date daily




Open to-dos Person responsible yes (7 days before due date)  no  
Reminder of open to-dos Person responsible  yes  yes from the due date daily 




Feedback meeting  Requestor & employee  no  yes  immediately




Recruiting e-mail (inbox) All employees with editing rights on recruiting  no  yes  immediately
New applications, messages, notes, feedback-messages and evaluations Freely configurable for each recruiting role
(Learn here how to configure recruiting roles)
System reminders
Contract ends All employees with editing rights on the section HR information yes yes  30 days before contract ends + not yet planed absence days

Please note that reminders for entire employee roles always appear on the dashboard of each employee of this role until they are deleted either individually or they expire automatically. Reminders that you receive before an event or on the same day are displayed on the dashboard until one day after the event in question. Reminders that are set for after an event automatically disappear from the dashboard one week after the reminder was displayed.

Open to-dos, on the other hand, are also displayed on the dashboard of all employees assigned to the corresponding role, but - as soon as someone has marked the to-do as completed - it is also removed for all others.

If you do not want to be notified for certain events via e-mail, you can deactivate this individually. Navigate to Personal settings > Notifications.



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