Options in the employee list


This article describes the options you have in the employee list.

Which employees you see in the list is defined by your employee role's access rights: you can only see those employees to whose public profiles you have access.


Employee list

By default, all employees are shown in a list, sorted by their first names.



Number of employees

Select the number of employees to see per page (25, 50, 100, or all):



Customize and fix columns

Navigate to the "..." symbol in the top right corner and select Customize columns. Select the attributes you would like to see displayed in the employee list. You can change the columns' order by using drag and drop. The first row and first column are fixed by default so that they always remain within your view when you scroll the list. This function is very useful for keeping track of column headers and, for example, the employee name if you have added multiple columns. In addition, to the left of the first column there is always the respective profile picture or, if no picture has been uploaded yet, the initials of the employee.




Save current view


To switch easily between the currently selected columns and previous settings, you can save up to 10 views: hit the Save current view icon above the employee list and choose a name for your view.

Save views containing your working students, part-time employees, or other employee groups to facilitate your daily work with Personio.

After saving views, you can return to them by hitting the button again, or you can reset the current view to return to the standard settings, or delete a saved view.


As an admin, you also have the option of saving a standard view for all employees. To do so, click on the Save default view for all employees button to the left of the disk symbol.


Use this feature to define a uniform employee list for the entire company. If an employee has not yet created an individual column configuration, the standard view is displayed.



Navigate to the "..." button and select Export to export the current view or other attributes shown in the employee list (as an Excel file).



Sort and filter

You can sort the individual columns by selecting the small arrow next to the column's title. You can sort each column in ascending or descending order. Sorting is either alphabetical or chronological, depending on the selected column.

To be shown a specific group of employees with one specific attribute, you can filter the employees by selecting the respective value in a column. Here you have the option of making a multiple selection for each filter and, for example, having all employees from two different departments displayed. You will also see the number of already active filters per column.Sort_and_filter.png


Employee list search bar

You can search for active and inactive employees using the search bar in the employee list:



Bulk editing

Select several employees using the checkboxes and navigate to the Actions button above the employee list. You can select from the following options: Edit attribute, Add or remove role, Change accrual policy, Assign or remove work schedule, Send invitation e-mail, Delete employees as well as Complete onboarding process.



Org Chart

Navigate to the Orgchart view in the top right of the employee list to see an overview of the company hierarchy. Tick the box Show entire tree to be displayed the entire company's structure. The hierarchy is based on the supervisors assigned to the respective employees in their Personio employee profile.


Should you wish to see a specific employee's team, click on their profile to expand the level below this employee. Navigate to the Export icon in the top right corner to export the org chart as a jpg file.

Navigate to the top left corner and select the option Add filter to generate a detailed org chart view. Select an attribute (e..g., department) and select the value you would like to see (e.g., Human Resources). Select Add to save the filter.


Timeline view

Navigate to the top right corner and select the Timeline view icon to be displayed an overview of your longterm HR planning, grouped by department. You may see the following three highlighting colors: Hire date (green), Contract end date (yellow), Termination (red).

In addition, you see the number of open jobs per department.



The filter option is identical with the one of the org chart view.


Add employees

Navigate to Add employee and enter first details such as "Public profile," "HR information," "Employee roles," and "Templates" before selecting Save to set up the employee profile:



Global Search Bar

In addition to the search in the employee list, the global search bar is available on every page.


The global search supports the following search keys:

  • Employees: First name + last name, email, department, office, position, status
  • Applicants:  First name + last name, email, phone number

Applicants who are located in an archived job are not displayed in the search bar.

Please note that the search results depend on your access rights. You need access to an employee's public profile and to an applicant's profile to find her via the global search.


Inline Editing


You can inline edit values within the employee list: navigate to the small blue pen icon and change the value without having to open the employee profile.


In the popup that appears, select the new value of the attribute.


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