Configuring Part-time Leave


This article explains how to configure part-time employment and leave.

In the case of a leave request, only days that have been entered as work days in the employee's work schedule will be deducted from their accrual.


Work Schedule and Vacation Accruals

Create a work schedule that contains the part-time employee's fixed work days and activate the Prorate absence entitlement? option. Assign the work schedule to your part-time employees.

The work schedule has to be assigned from 01.01., as yearly accruals are created at the beginning of the year.

Now assign the usual accrual policy to the part-time employees so that the prorated entitlement can be calculated.

The ratio of the work days stored in the work schedule to those entered as absence days (paid vacation) results in a prorated calculation for the part-time employee.



Monday, Tuesday and Thursday have been entered in the work schedule as work days. So, there are three work days.


The prorated accrual shall be calculated based on a five-day week; therefore, the value for Reference value for prorating entitlement calculation has been set to five. The part-time employee is consequently granted three fifths of the assigned accrual policy.

In the case of 30 vacation days per year, the part-time employee receives 3/5 * 30 = 18 vacation days.





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