Integrating a Personio Career Page via IFrame or Link


A Personio career page can be quickly and easily integrated into your company website via Iframe or a link. This article gives an overview of both options.


Integrating Via Iframe

By integrating Personio career pages via Iframe you can simply continue to use your existing recruitment website. The Personio career page with all published job vacancies will simply be displayed as part of your company’s career page. Candidates will remain on your company homepage at all times.

We suggest that you adapt the design of the respective Personio career page to your corporate design before integrating it with your site. Click here to find out how to customize the design of Personio career pages.

For a more seamless integration via Iframe, it can be necesary to hide the header background image. To do this, simply select the respective option under Settings > Recruiting > Career page > Styling > Layout

The following diagram shows how a Personio career page is embedded within your company’s website if you choose this option:


Integration into your existing career page

You can integrate the Iframe as an HTML element of your company website.

Please note that setting up the Iframe requires programming skills.

All technical details for integrating a Personio career page via Iframe are available from our Developer Hub.


Integrating Via a Link

Personio career pages can also be integrated by linking it to your company’s website. To do so, simply add a link to your company website (e.g. in the "Careers" or "Job Vacancies" section), which visitors can click on to be taken straight to the Personio career page ( This gives candidates direct access to the positions you publish on your Personio career pages, where they can also submit applications.

The following diagram shows how a Personio career page is linked to your company website if you choose this option:


Please note that only a website administrator can create the required link to a Personio career page.


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