Configuring Approval Processes


This article explains how to create and configure approval processes. These are required with attendance and absence requests and when changing employee data.


Standard Approval

Under Approvals, you will find the different areas for which approval processes can be set up. Go to the corresponding tab, select Add approval step and choose an approver from the four available options.


If several employees are to be able to approve a request, you can set this up by using an employee role. Every employee who is in the role will then receive the request, but it only has to be approved by one of them. See this article for details on configuring employee roles.

By adding further approval steps, a hierarchical process is created that will run from top to bottom. The request is only forwarded to the next approver after the step 1 approval has taken place. The approval is only final once the last approval step has been completed.



Special Approvals

In order to set up a special approval, you first need to define an employee filter. To do this, select Manage employee filters (to the right of the standard approval).


Add a new filter, and then define one or more filter rules. Note that multiple rules are linked by an "AND relationship," i.e. all rules must be met so that the approval process that has been set for the filter to take effect.

Individual employee filters must not overlap, or this could lead to errors in the approval process.


To complete the setup, select an employee filter via Add new rule set and add one or more approval steps in the same way as described under "Standard Approval."

The employee filters that you have created will be available for all approval areas.


The next article describes common Best Practice Approval Processes.


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