Configuring and Assigning a Public Holiday Calendar


This article describes how to create and configure public holiday calendars, and how to assign them to different offices.

Assigning the appropriate public holiday calendar is essential for the correct deduction of vacation and sick days.


Assigning Public Holiday Calendars

Assign a general public holiday calendar to your company. As this will at first automatically apply to all your offices, you will need to manually adjust it for office-specific differences via the Offices tab.



Creating and Configuring Your Own Public Holiday Calendar

If the public holiday calendar you want is not among the choices in the selection, you can either create a new public holiday calendar or duplicate and then edit an existing one.


By clicking on Add holiday, other public holidays of different types can be added to the calendar.


Existing holiday Reuse holidays already stored in the system
Fixed date Holidays that recur every year on the same date
Once on a fixed date One-off holiday for the selected year
Weekday in month

For example, the third Monday in April

Easter offset

For public holidays that occur a specific number of days before or after Easter Sunday


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