Recording Attendance in Personio


This article explains how to record and approve work hours in Personio.

A requirement for ensuring that your employees' work hours are recorded correctly is that work schedules have to be configured and appropriately assigned. The work schedules you store in Personio specify how many hours each employee is required to work and on which weekdays. This is particularly important to ensure that overtime and vacation entitlements are calculated correctly.


Recording Attendances

Your employees’ attendances are recorded in Personio in the Employee profile under Attendance.  Employees who hold the necessary access rights can either record their working hours, breaks, project times and comments there or quickly add their working hours and breaks directly on their Dashboard via the Today's time tracking widget.


Time tracking in the Attendance tab

The Attendance tab of the Employee profile offers a comprehensive overview on pending and approved working hours, breaks and overtime for each month. Employees can record their working hours, breaks and project times for each working day by clicking on the plus symbol or by copying attendances for specific days or the whole month.


Record attendances  


Attendance periods may be entered fully or partially. In case of the latter, an orange warning triangle will appear. This means that employees can, for example, enter a start time in the morning and add an end time in the evening without losing the first entry.

Employees can register project times, if project-based time tracking is enabled, as well as comments for each tracked time period.

If break rules have been specified in the work schedule, employees will see a warning when insufficient breaks have been entered. In the monthly overview, the day in question will also be marked with an orange warning triangle. A purple clock indicates the days on which overtime or deficit hours have been recorded.

Once the status has been updated from Open to Approved, the times are stored in the system. This requires the approval by a supervisor or the HR department, depending on how access rights have been configured. If an attendance entry has been rejected by the approver – for example, due to insufficient break times – the employee can edit it and resubmit.

Changes to pending or approved attendance records can be made if a proposal right has been granted for the attendances. Changing an approved record will re-trigger the approval process.

Please note that in order to change break times that have already been entered, you need to change either the preceding or following time period. The break time will then be automatically adjusted.


Copy attendances 

The Copy hours feature allows employees with proposal rights to copy working hours, breaks, comments and projects of any approved or pending day either to all other working days, or specific days of the week for the whole month. 


To copy hours for a working day, employees can hover over the cell for a particular day in the calendar, and click on the Copy hours icon located on the top right corner. In the pop-up window, either all Working days for my work schedule or Specific days of the week can be selected. Comments and projects can be added optionally and will also be copied to the selected days. With click on Copy the change will be applied for all selected days of the month.

Note that hours cannot be copied to public Holidays, days with approved absences and days with other time tracked.


Quick access via Today's time tracking on the Dashboard

In addition to recording working hours in the Attendance tab of the Employee profile, employees can use the Today's time tracking widget on their dashboards. The widget allows employees to quickly and efficiently enter work and break times without having to navigate to the Attendance tab.


Please note that the employees should only write complete entries. Partial recording of the working time is only possible via the Attendance tab.

If break rules have been enabled for the assigned work schedule, employees will see a warning, if insufficient breaks have been entered.

If overtime and deficit hours are enabled for the assigned work schedule, the tracked time will be marked purple and indicated by a clock symbol.

Please note that while the Today's time tracking widget allows employees to quickly add work and break times, entering project times and comments is only possible in the Attendance tab of the Employee profile. Equally changes to existing attendance records can be made in the Attendance tab, if a proposal right has been granted for the attendances.


Approving Attendances

If attendances are to be approved before they are stored in the system, access rights have to be configured and a suitable approval process be set up.

When an employee enters an attendance, it will first appear in the status Pending. At the same time, Personio sends an approval request to the dashboard of the employee who has been specified in the approval process. Generally, this will be the supervisor. If they have enabled email notifications for approval requests in their personal settings, they will also receive an email once a day that informs them of approval requests that are currently open. 



To approve the attendances that have been entered, the approver can click on the Attendance requests awaiting your approval button on their dashboard, or on the corresponding to-do to be taken to the Attendance approvals overview page.

This page lists all employees and their approval requests. By clicking on the individual days, the approver can view the details of the recorded work hours and break times, as well as project times and comments.

Using the button on the right, each daily entry can be approved or rejected individually or viewed in the respective employee's Attendance tab. If an attendance entry is rejected (e.g. because of a break rule violation that is indicated to the approver through an orange warning triangle), it is returned to the employee who can then edit it and resubmit it for approval. Approvers also have the option of approving all of the employee's attendances submitted at once by clicking the button Approve all.


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